Take The Mystery Out Of Your Sourcing – Get Amazon To Do The Work For You

Who knows best what to sell on Amazon?

I know it’s not me, although I try. You may think it’s you, and who am I to disagree with you? You seem like a smart enough person to me (you’re reading this blog post after all. That alone puts you in the top 1% smartest humans).

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Amazon kn0w best what to sell on Amazon. They have quite a bit of data, clever algorithms and robot slaves working 24 hours a day with little more than a quick squirt of oil for sustenance (probably).

So why don’t we take advantage of that, and let them tell us what we should sell? I know some of you reading this will already do that, so stop shouting.

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It’s all very well having this information (I’ll show you how to get it in a minute if you don’t already know. To be honest I’ll show you how even if you do know. It’s not an intuitive blog post, it’s fixed words in a certain order) – but how does that help us actually find them at a price to make us a profit?

I know I’ve asked you a lot of questions so far. I hope you haven’t spent too long trying to work out the answers. They were mainly rhetorical. A device to try and get you to engage with this blog post. Has it worked?

Ok, so first, let’s get Amazon to tell us what to sell.

First we dip our toe in the sea of tranquility that is Amazon Seller Central.

Then we go to our reports and select Amazon Selling Coach:







We then go to Products:








This is where Amazon are being extra friendly to us, and they whisper sweet nothings in our sellers ears about things like “Popular This Season” (603 products) and the slightly erotic “Items With High Customer Interest” (499 products). Works for me.

You could break things down into those categories, but here I tend to just download everything.





Only takes a few seconds. Now for the fun part. Sorry, the even more fun part, if that were possible. You can use the details in the downloaded report to search manually in the normal stores that you try. You can give them to your Virtual Assistant (what do you mean you don’t have one? They are de rigueur this season) to source for you. Or you can plug them into whatever sourcing software you use that has the facility to “reverse search” for products, and let it finish the work that Amazon has started. I use Tactical Arbitrage which has recently reopened it’s doors to new members, which to me is the King, Queen and slightly disreputable Prince of sourcing software.

All you need to do is slightly format the report to meet the requirements of Tactical Arbitrage:








Fill in whatever Filter settings you want and click Submit. You don’t need a screenshot of that.

So what we are doing is harnessing data that is only available to us through Amazon to find targeted products that AZ are telling us will sell. All we need to do is source them.

I’ve done just that, following my own instructions, and the very first item TA found was this for my US selling account:








Thank you very much.

Another report you can utilize to take advantage of this Reverse Searching method which I love is basically to search on the ASINS of everything you have ever sold. To find the data for this we go to:










Then to By ASIN and Detail Page Sales and Traffic:










And then over to the top right of the page where you can adjust the date to get TWO YEARS WORTH OF ASINS!!







If you want to, before you download, you can select which columns to display and download so that you are only grabbing the ASIN. Then just a bit of formatting as above and Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt (for US or Oz based readers I don’t know if that makes any sense. I haven’t made it up, honest).

Again, the first item on the results list when I have just run this for my UK account was this:








So that’s it. Two easy to obtain reports with potentially extremely valuable data ready for you to use to make money.

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